Looks up a port or service in a services file. Based on a program of similar intent at www.attrition.org.

Usage:  port [options] <port|service>
Lookup a port or service in the file /etc/services and print it's use.
By default both TCP and UDP ports are retrieved.
    -f <file>   Use an alternate ports file.
    -h          This text.
    -t          Only list the TCP use.
    -u          Only list the UDP use.

It is available as PKZip and Gzip. Last updated 2006-07-13.


lorance@lorance:~% port ftp
ftp-data         20/tcp    #File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp-data         20/udp    #File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp              21/tcp    #File Transfer [Control]
ftp              21/udp    #File Transfer [Control]
ni-ftp           47/tcp    #NI FTP
ni-ftp           47/udp    #NI FTP
tftp             69/tcp    #Trivial File Transfer
tftp             69/udp    #Trivial File Transfer
sftp            115/tcp    #Simple File Transfer Protocol
sftp            115/udp    #Simple File Transfer Protocol
bftp            152/tcp    #Background File Transfer Program
bftp            152/udp    #Background File Transfer Program
softpc          215/tcp    #Insignia Solutions
softpc          215/udp    #Insignia Solutions
subntbcst_tftp  247/tcp    #subntbcst_tftp
subntbcst_tftp  247/udp    #subntbcst_tftp
mftp            349/tcp
mftp            349/udp
ftp-agent       574/tcp    #FTP Software Agent System
ftp-agent       574/udp    #FTP Software Agent System
lorance@lorance:~% port 23
telnet           23/tcp
telnet           23/udp
lorance@lorance:~% port -t smtp
smtp             25/tcp    mail         #Simple Mail Transfer
smtps           465/tcp    #smtp protocol over TLS/SSL (was ssmtp)


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