A password manager written in shell script. The passwords are stored in a flat text file encrypted with OpenSSL.

Every effort has been made to protect your passwords. Passwords are stored in environment variables. If your system allows the environment of one process to be read from another your passwords will be vulnerable. If your shell does not have the test and echo commands as builtins your passwords will appear in the proess table. Use this script with caution. Do not use it to store vital passwords.

If you find any problems or have any suggestions please feel free to email me at LoranceStinson+pwman AT gmail DOT com.

It is available as Gziped tar.
Last updated 2007-11-12. Version 0.6 Beta.


  • 2007-11-12:
    • Added -G for generating random passwords. It can be used with -a, -e and -x.
    • -x now works with -a and -e.
    • Organized the source a bit better.
  • 2007-11-10:
    • Spelling and formatting corrections.
    • Fixed import aborting with no file name when in interactive mode.
    • Fixed importing. (Problems when importing from STDIN and possible database corruption.)
    • The password prompt will now always appear when editing an account.
    • Added a testing script.
    • Added the -r option to repair a corrupt database.
  • 2007-08-02:
    • List account name properly when deleting.
    • Display account and user name when copying a password to the clipboard.
    • -p alone now acts like -l -p combined when used with an account name.
  • 2007-06-05:
    • Added the option -V to check if a newer version is available. See the manual for details.
  • 2007-06-04:
    • Corrected prompt for password when editing entries.
    • Confirm passwords when adding/editing accounts.
    • Corrected a typo that prevented notes from being printed when editing accounts.


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