SHQL is a SQL database written in shell script. It was originally developed by Bruce Momjian. I started playing with it and thought it was interesting and started expanding it. The result is a very different version of shql. Many changes had been made and many features have been added. See the readme file for more information and the changes file for a loose list of my changes.

Included in the tarball is a program to convert CSV files into SQL formatted for shql. It is based on a CSV parser I wrote in AWK. It has it's own page.

It is available as a Gziped tar file.
Latest version is 2b2, last updated 2006-07-15. My version of shql should still be considered beta. I have tested it on several platforms but there could still be bugs and compatibility problems. Please email me at LoranceStinson+SDF AT gmail DOT com if you have any problems.

Versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are still available on some mirrors. One such mirror is


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