is a very handy task manager. It is written in shell script and stores it's data in plain text files. This has many advantages, too many to go into here. See for more information. This is a superbly useful script. I have made extensive modifications to the original script. The main change involved adding a unique ID to each todo patterned after that used by This was done to allow for an activity history and for each todo to have comments. The former because I forget things and have cats, the latter because I tend to have long running tasks. Because the changes require alterations to existing todo.txt, done.txt and .todo files I have included a script to ease migration See the readme file for more information and the changes file for a fairly detailed list of my changes.

If you find any problems or have any suggestions please feel free to email me at LoranceStinson+todo AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks to Lewis Overton for the man pages. I never write them myself so you owe their existence to his sending them to me.

It is available as a Gziped tar file and a PKZip file.
Last updated 2007-05-21. Version: L1.2


  • 2007-05-21:
    • Removed the remdup command. It is no longer functional.
    • Changed the help display. The option -h displays help for the command line options. The action help displays the action help.
    • Cleaned up messages, help and errors.
    • The edit action no long leaved blanks at the end of the line.
    • Switched to Perl POD for man pages. The man pages are now generated from the POD source files.
  • 2007-05-14:
    Added editc command to edit the comment file on a TODO..

The version I based my changes on is available as a PKZip file.


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