w3m patch and telnet script

This is a patch against the text based web browser w3m.
It contains the following changes:

  • Coloring of italics text using a user selectable color, defaults to yellow. Can be enabled/disabled with a user selectable option.
  • Change to the order effects are applied. I was tired of hyperlinks being hidden by images, which are always the image color. The link and visited link effects are applied after the image effect. So any image that is inside an anchor tag is the color of the anchor. See do_effects in display.c to change it.
  • When a title or alt attribute for an image is used it is surrounded by [ and ]. This is to make images easier to find as a result of the previous change.
  • Correction and completion of Gopher support. All of the Gopher protocol is now properly supported except for the CSO phone book protocol and tn3270 telnet sessions. I have tested gopher support on the gopher servers: gopher://gopher.floodgap.com gopher://sdf.lonestar.org gopher://gopher.well.com gopher://gopher.quux.org and a few others with complete success. Gopher is now enabled by default. Please support Gopher. Visit http://gopher.floodgap.com/gopher/ or directly with a browser that supports Gopher at gopher://gopher.floodgap.com for more information.
  • Addition of support for telnet. This is a direct result of fixing Gopher support, and my getting bored Sunday afternoon. Please see w3mtelnet.sh bellow for a helpful script.

It is available for version 0.5.1 as PKZip and Gzip. Last updated 2004-09-29.

Wed Sep 2004-09-29
I found an error that prevented NEXT_WORD (normally bound to 'w') from working on anything that was italics. It was due to the way I added PE_ITALICS to the effects list. It interfered with the character types. To correct this PE_ITALICS was increased out of the character type range and Lineprop was made a long from a short. This should also make it easier to add more effects and/or character types later.
I also found two small errors in file.c related to my italics code while hunting for the word bug. They never manifested themselves, never the less I fixed them.

w3m Telnet Script

This is a helper script intended to go with the patch above. Use it in place of the real telnet program on w3m's configuration page. When you follow a telnet link the host and port are passed to the telnet program. This script does nothing if you are telneting to a non standard port. If you are telneting to the standard telnet port it asks if you want to use SSH instead. If you select SSH it prompts for the user name to connect with, using your current username as the default. It then connects to the host using the specified user name. There is a configuration section at the top if there are any, unlikely, changes you need to make. Though I have only tested it on Linux it should work fine on any recent UNIX as long as dialog is available.

It is available as PKZip and Gzip. Last updated Tue Aug 2004-08-22.


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