Overwrites files with patterns and random data, optionally deleting the file. Based on a shell script of the same name found at http://www.shelldorado.com/.

Usage:  wipefile.sh [options] [file...]
Overwrites a file or files with different data.
5 operations are performed per pass.
1) Fill the file with 0x00. (Uses /dev/zero).
2) Fill the file with 0xFF.
3) Fill the file with 0XAA, binary 10101010.
4) Fill the file with 0x55, binary 01010101.
5) Use /dev/random to fill with random data.
After each operation sync is called to force data to the disk.
Use on networked file systems is not recommended.
    -h          This text.
    -p <pass>   The number of passes to make. Default: 1
    -q          Quite mode. No output is generated, assumes -y.
    -r          Remove the file(s) when finished.
    -u          Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.
    -y          Do not request confirmation.


  • The devices /dev/random and /dev/urandom have different behaviors on different platforms. Use the one most appropriate for your platform and goals.
  • Use on networked file systems is not advised. Many do not assure writes or syncs, so your data could be left intact.
  • It is suggested you check the contents of the file before deleting it. Once deleted it can not be worked with anymore.

It is available as PKZip and Gzip. Last updated 2006-06-11.


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